Review: Lunch at Zuni, Kilkenny City

Zuni “Will we go somewhere tomorrow?” It’s the height of Summer, the weather is good and Ali and myself have a couple of days off. After researching various attractions within an hour of Newbridge, we decide that we’ll visit Dunmore Caves before heading into Kilkenny City for lunch and a stroll around. I have a secret love for caves. When I was young I was … Continue reading Review: Lunch at Zuni, Kilkenny City

Stuffed Courgette Flowers and a Fritto Misto

Stuffed Courgette Flowers and a Fritto Misto “I have a present here for you.” It’s a sunny Saturday morning and I’m rushing around Naas Farmer’s Market as I’m due to work in Newbridge in an hour. Dominic of Castleruddery Organic Farm, is in great form. His stall is busy with customers and after wondering why I don’t see any of his homegrown cucumbers, I spot a … Continue reading Stuffed Courgette Flowers and a Fritto Misto

Castleruddery Organic Farm

Castleruddery Organic Farm “Are these lemons waxed or unwaxed” – it’s about five years ago and I’m way out of my comfort zone. I’ve just read in a Darina Allen book that I must use the zest of unwaxed lemons only and I’m having trouble finding some. It’s my first time to Naas Farmers Market and, still not a seasoned vegetable eater, I’m mesmerised by … Continue reading Castleruddery Organic Farm

Newbridge Cottage Market

Newbridge Cottage Market Town Hall, Saturday 3rd of June @ 10am There have been many attempts to set up markets in Newbridge over the past few years. George’s St. was home to a weekly food market for just a couple of months after the Newbridge 200 festival in 2012 and, more recently, the Whitewater Shopping Centre attempted to get one off the ground on Friday … Continue reading Newbridge Cottage Market

The Mermaid at Ramore Restaurants, Portrush, Co. Antrim

The Mermaid It’s not always easy to find a nice restaurant when you’re away. TripAdvisor, while helpful, can often just send you to the cheapest eatery serving mediocre food. Locals have their favourites based on the item they order all of the time or even recommend based on knowing the owner. It’s a mine field! Luckily, on a visit to Portrush a couple of weeks … Continue reading The Mermaid at Ramore Restaurants, Portrush, Co. Antrim

The Firehouse, Delgany, Co. Wicklow

The Firehouse Bakery Easter holidays. Ali’s two weeks off from teaching coincides nicely with a quiet two weeks of work for me and we have plenty of time together to look forward to. We are also fortunate that the weather is good – a nice day out is certainly in order. After our drizzly trip to Glendalough on St. Patrick’s Day, we vowed to return far … Continue reading The Firehouse, Delgany, Co. Wicklow

Matuffi – Layered Polenta and Ragu

Matuffi I often find myself conflicted over many things in my life, and partake in little self dialogues. Tea or coffee? A walk in Killinthomas Woods or on the Curragh? Watch a movie or waste away playing Football Manager? One of my chief self dialogues is whether or not to cook “beautiful” food. It’s not something I have much interest in but the more I … Continue reading Matuffi – Layered Polenta and Ragu