Shepard’s Pie

Extra Nutritious Shepard’s Pie So as the rain continues to pelt down and the howling wind continues to bellow, its time for another great winter recipe to warm the entire family for the long winters evening. The simple Shepard’s Pie has always been one of my favourite dinners, its warming and filling and is the perfect all in one dish. For this version I have … Continue reading Shepard’s Pie

Simple Supper 1

 Spaghetti with Squid and Tomato Sauce      Passata in the pan Sometimes simple really is better. At its heart, Italian food is among the simplest on the planet and there are some amazing dishes that can be put together in minutes. This recipe is perfect for when you have little time but still want a delicious, home cooked meal. I prefer to make the Tomato … Continue reading Simple Supper 1


Ragu (Meat Sauce) Ragu with homemade Pasta As a boy, my first introduction to Italian food was probably through the infamous “Spaghetti Bolognese.” The long strands of pasta covered in a rich tomato sauce with beef mince and usually a few mushrooms (although, my mam would always remove them from mine!) always got me very excited and remains one of my favourite dishes today. It … Continue reading Ragu