Lasagne One of the most recognisable dishes in the world, the Lasagne Bolognese is one of Italy’s most famous and popular exports. It is comfort food at its finest, a deep flavoured Ragu layered with some beautiful Pasta and a deliciously rich Bechemel Sauce, baked until bubbly…..fantastico! This is not a traditional Italian Lasagne Bolognese but is instead, my take on the classic. I’ve added … Continue reading Lasagne


Pizza Probably Italy’s most famous export, the Pizza has always been synonymous with the Peninsula. In the rest of the world it is a particular favourite of Children and Teenagers but it is a somewhat distorted dish that they love so much. When I first went to Italy, the first thing I had was a Pizza and it bares little resemblance to what we get in the … Continue reading Pizza

Beans on Toast Beans on Toast has got to be the saviour of Irish Mammies! What’s simpler than heating a tin of beans and spreading over some well buttered toast? Kids and adults alike tend to love it and in my house growing up, beans could accompany any dinner imaginable. Admittedly I was never a big fan of Baked Beans, I always found them a … Continue reading