Review: The Hanged Man’s, Milltown

The Hanged Man’s Milltown, Newbridge, Co. Kildare Time for my second review and again its a very well regarded local restaurant. Ali and I booked in for a midweek meal after numerous recommendations. The Hanged Man’s is located just outside Milltown beside the Canal and is a beautiful Bar and Restaurant with a very classy, old style decor. Food: Starter: Chicken and Bacon Galantine with … Continue reading Review: The Hanged Man’s, Milltown

Arancini with Sea Bass and Pesto

Arancini with Sea Bass and Almond Pesto I’ve always been intrigued by Arancini, little balls of leftover Risotto breaded and fried until golden. It took me until now to cook some and two things struck me…1. It was absolutely worth the wait and 2. Why have I not made these beauties before?! They do give off the impression that they’ll be somewhat complicated or lots … Continue reading Arancini with Sea Bass and Pesto

Seafood Couscous

Seafood Couscous My love of Seafood has been well documented on this blog but I love cooking it and I also love eating it so I think it might continue into the foreseeable future. This time the accompaniment is Couscous, this underrated African and Sicilian staple is the perfect fast food, taking only a few minutes to cook (well, more like re-heat, as 90% of … Continue reading Seafood Couscous