Caragh Nurseries and The Thyme Coffee Shop, Caragh, Co. Kildare

Caragh Nurseries and The Thyme Coffee Shop, Caragh, Co. Kildare

Caragh Nurseries and The Thyme Coffee Shop

Yesterday Ali and I took a spin out the road to check out Caragh Nurseries (facebook) and the Thyme Coffee Shop (or the Train Carriage Café as it is more affectionately known). Caragh Nurseries is a plant and tree nursery with a large range of stock, enough to excite even the most ardent gardener. I’m not much of a gardener and so my focus was set on one of the quirkiest cafés around.


The Thyme Coffee and Garden Shop is housed in a disused train carriage in the middle of the nurseries and opens 11am – 4pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Apart from a colourful paint job on the outside, the carriage hasn’t changed too much from it’s time in service. The seats, tables and even emergency stop buttons remain in place and each table has a different gardening book to flick through while eating. The menu is small but well thought out and affordable. Ali had tea and a scone while I went for the green power sandwich and coffee. The sandwich consisted of hummus, avocado, rocket and cherry tomatoes on rye bread and was joined on the slate by a few crisps and a fresh salad. The sandwich was delicious with beautiful fresh ingredients while the coffee was also excellent.


After lunch we took a walk around the nurseries and admired the odd looking manglitsa pigs. Manglitsa are furry pigs and from a distance may actually be confused with sheep. They were friendly and inquisitive, happily coming over for a rub before continuing to root for bugs in the soil. Happy pigs, no greater sight.


Caragh Nurseries is the perfect spot for any gardeners looking for plants and trees but, as a non gardener I can say, it’s worth the trip for the cafe alone.






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