Review: Cava Bodega

Cava Bodega Middle St, Galway City   Cava Bodega is an intimate and rustic restaurant on Middle Street in Galway’s city centre. The venue is instantly welcoming with bright walls and friendly staff. Our host led us down to the basement where we were greeted with a lively atmosphere and walls adorned with wine bottles and pictures of pigs! Ambiance: 9/10   I had been … Continue reading Review: Cava Bodega

Salamander Supper Club – Italian Night

“How bloody difficult can it be to cut pork??!” Last Saturday night was exciting and terrifying. I teamed up with Joe from Salamander Coffee House for the first “Salamander Supper Club.” Joe approached me with the idea a month previously and after some thinking and chatting we decided that our first night should be Italian with a change of cuisine each month. Doing Italian first … Continue reading Salamander Supper Club – Italian Night

Fish Stew all Porta Palazzo

Fish Stew alla Porta Palazzo The Porta Palazzo Market is a vibrant, loud almost scary place. Located in the centre of the northern Italian city of Turin there is an heir of madness about it. Even in August, when most city dwellers take to the coast, the market still thrives six mornings a week, with a massive clean up operation taking place every afternoon. I … Continue reading Fish Stew all Porta Palazzo

Review: Kai Cafe + Restaurant, Galway

Kai Cafe + Restaurant Galway City It’s only happened twice before that I’ve walked around a city and thought “this could be my home.” The first, somewhat surprisingly, was while walking around Cork City a few years ago, to be fair this could have had more to do with the company, a new love can sometimes have that effect on a man but the city still … Continue reading Review: Kai Cafe + Restaurant, Galway