Matuffi – Layered Polenta and Ragu

Matuffi I often find myself conflicted over many things in my life, and partake in little self dialogues. Tea or coffee? A walk in Killinthomas Woods or on the Curragh? Watch a movie or waste away playing Football Manager? One of my chief self dialogues is whether or not to cook “beautiful” food. It’s not something I have much interest in but the more I … Continue reading Matuffi – Layered Polenta and Ragu


Ragu (Meat Sauce) Ragu with homemade Pasta As a boy, my first introduction to Italian food was probably through the infamous “Spaghetti Bolognese.” The long strands of pasta covered in a rich tomato sauce with beef mince and usually a few mushrooms (although, my mam would always remove them from mine!) always got me very excited and remains one of my favourite dishes today. It … Continue reading Ragu