Flatbread It’s National Bread Week this week but I’m in the somewhat unusual position of avoiding carbohydrates as far as possible. A Summer (more like a year) of over-indulgence has seen my waist line expand to horrendous levels while my stall selling bread at The Cottage Market in Newbridge has only confounded the problem. As a bit of a challenge, Ali and I have decided … Continue reading Flatbread

Matuffi – Layered Polenta and Ragu

Matuffi I often find myself conflicted over many things in my life, and partake in little self dialogues. Tea or coffee? A walk in Killinthomas Woods or on the Curragh? Watch a movie or waste away playing Football Manager? One of my chief self dialogues is whether or not to cook “beautiful” food. It’s not something I have much interest in but the more I … Continue reading Matuffi – Layered Polenta and Ragu

Spaghetti with Prosciutto and Mascarpone

Spaghetti with Prosciutto and Mascarpone Pasta with Ham and Cheese? Surely I’ve lost my mind and mixed the contents of my lunchtime sandwich with some pasta and pretended to be a genius. Not quite. This is yet another example of the simplicity of Italian food. I like this dish as it reminds me of the Irish version of the classic carbonara. In Italy the carbonara … Continue reading Spaghetti with Prosciutto and Mascarpone

Thai Red Curry…..In a Hurry

Thai Red Curry…..In a Hurry! There is nothing better than a good curry. In Ireland, our taste buds have been pretty much ruined by a suspiciously Irish sounding manufacturer in a red topped tub hogging the curry market for years. Mammy’s made it, children loved it, everyone’s happy. I confess to being one such child, I would happily devour plates of “curry” so long as … Continue reading Thai Red Curry…..In a Hurry