A couple of months ago I was contacted by a member of the UFUUD Marketing team to see if I would be interested in reviewing their service and some products. I agreed and instantly checked out the site.

The UFUUD website is well laid out and simple to navigate. They sell everything you would expect from an Italian themed delicatessen. There is a large selection of salami and prosciutto along with the usual suspects of pasta, rice, sauces, oils and lots more besides. One of my favourite features is the “Chef’s Advice” tab in the product page. Many of the ingredients are unusual and so the tab offers great advice on how to use them.
I placed my order on Tuesday 17th of March (I know I know…..who orders pecorino and spaghettoni on St. Patrick’s Day?!) and it arrived on Friday 13th of March. The ice packs used were still frozen and I was very pleased with the temperature of the food. This wasn’t such a big deal for me as I ordered mostly pantry items but I would be happy to order any cold meat products.

I decided to order some items that I have difficulty finding here in Ireland. The first thing to catch my eye was a Pecorino Cheese in Wheat Grains. The cheese is magnificent, it is everything you would expect from a Pecorino with a subtle hint of wheat starch in the aftertaste. Also on the cheese front I ordered some Parmigiano Reggiano Cream. This works wonderfully stirred into some pasta or added to a bechemel sauce for lasagna. I also used it instead of butter with mashed potato. Delicious.

I also ordered some giant green lentils and black rice but I have been blown away with my last item. Spaghettoni (thick spaghetti) isn’t something most people would get excited about but this is bronze extruded. It basically means that the pasta was pushed through a bronze die to make the shapes. This may not sound that impressive but it leaves the pasta with a rougher finish allowing your choice of sauce to cling to it perfectly.
Overall I found the Ufuud experience very satisfying. The website is easily navigated and the chef’s tips tab is a great addition. The quality of the produce is excellent and the price is fair. There is also a live chat available so you can message a member of staff and receive help live in the moment.

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