Over the past few weeks I’ve visited a few cafe’s and restaurants for quick meals while working. Here’s some of my favourites:

Lennons @ Visual, Carlow Town.
Lennons is a cafe/restaurant attached to the Visual Centre for Contemporary Art and The George Bernard Shaw Theatre. I stopped in for lunch a couple of weeks ago while doing some work in the theatre with Music Generation Carlow. I was surprised by how busy it was on a Wednesday but it became clear why. My Cod and Prawn Pie was magnificent; rich yet fresh tasting with a well seasoned creamy mash on top. It was the perfect lunchtime meal. For my filling main (I couldn’t eat a dinner that night) and a glass of wine, I thought €19 was very good value.

Yesterday, Ali and I returned to Lennons for a proper (birthday) lunch. We arrived at 3pm and after confirming with a member of staff that lunch was still being served, we took our seats and were given menus. Fifteen minutes later a very nice lady came to take our order. Some of the dishes were unavailable so we ordered something else instead. Two minutes later we were told that the kitchen was closed as it was after 3 pm. I could have the pie I ordered (presumably because it was, understandably, pre-cooked) but nothing else was available. We decided it was time to go and although we got a “sorry about that,” I found it frustrating and annoying. A real pity. We had been looking forward to our lunch.

Honest To Goodness, Dame Court, Dublin 2
Last week I was mixing a gig for Cork’s The Hard Ground in Dublin’s Odessa Club. After sound-check, all of us starving, we popped next door to Honest to Goodness. I have to admit that I find their ordering system confusing and a little pointless but their food is well worth the hassle. My Neopolitana Pizza was excellent. Homemade and cooked in a wood fired oven upstairs it was by far the most authentic I’ve had in Ireland.

Swans On The Green, Naas, Co. Kildare.
After a five and a half hour wait in A&E at Naas hospital it’s fair to say I left with a hunger that made my right forearm look strangely appetising. Luckily for me, Swans is just around the corner and I popped in for a take away sandwich. My focaccia sandwich with pesto, sun dried tomato and mozzarella was the perfect cure. Deliciously savoury it was joined at the till by some free range sausages (at last I found some) and a block of Gubbeen cheese.

Free Range Sausages – My life is complete again!

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