Ciao Paolo

June 6, 2015

Ciao Paolo


Ciao Paolo

Today had the potential to be a great day. My beloved Juventus play Barcelona in the Champions League Final tonight and I have been building up for weeks. Will Suarez take another bite of Chiellini’s arm? Can Pirlo conduct the game from midfield? Or will Messi destroy all my hopes and dreams with 10 seconds of genius? It was with great sadness that all of these things were removed from my mind last night with the news that one of my food heroes, Paolo Tullio, had passed away.

I don’t have many food heroes, maybe five, but Paolo has always been one of them. Before trying any restaurant I would always see if Paolo had reviewed it first. I listened to the food slot on Newstalk every Thursday where himself and Sean Moncrieff would chat not only about the cooking of food but its impact upon life, love and happy memories. I enjoyed watching him on The Restaurant where you could tell that negativity didn’t come naturally to him. He was a true inspiration, his words on the simplicity of great food and enjoying life will always stay with me. I never met the great man but it truly feels like I’ve lost a friend. as I’m sure it does for many people around the country.

Ciao Paolo,


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