Altamont Gardens and The Walled Garden Cafe
Ballon, Co. Carlow

Yesterday Ali and myself decided to take a trip to the Altamont Gardens located just outside the beautiful village of Ballon, Co. Carlow. The gardens are immaculately kept and looked particularly stunning on such a beautiful day. Before taking a stroll around we popped into The Walled Garden Cafe for a light lunch. The cafe is an offshoot of the nearby Forge Restaurant and serves a simple menu with soup, scones, cakes and a good range of teas and coffees.

We both went for the soup which was served with a fresh homemade scone and a slice of Coolattin Cheddar. The lady behind the counter was friendly and informative and suggested that we allow the cheese to melt into the soup for an extra hit of flavour. The soup was delicious on its own but with the cheese added in it was fantastic. The scone was fresh and delicious and was the perfect dipping device. After the soup we got some cakes, Ali went for the raspberry drizzle cake while I took a trip back to childhood with a slice of the chocolate rice krispie cake. My double espresso was excellent.

Forgetting the delicious food, the beautiful setting makes it worth the visit all on its own. While enjoying our food we watched a hen and cockerel strolling around the place before being joined by their six chicks who tore up and down the outdoor seating area non stop. The perfect entertainment on a beautiful day.

After finishing our cakes and coffee we took a walk around the gardens admiring the vast amount of plants and trees. The on site peacock and peahen provided an awe inspiring distraction before heading back to the car for the trip home. I would highly recommend a trip to the gardens over the summer if you find yourself around the Carlow area (it is worth travelling to too). The cafe, although limited in its offerings, provides the perfect setting to enjoy a simple lunch but If you want something a little more substantial The Forge Restaurant is just down the road and if the soup is anything to go by, it’s sure to be delicious.

2 thoughts on “Altamont Gardens and The Walled Garden Cafe”

  • Hey what a nice surprise! Thanks for calling in Peter & co – I won't lie its very nice to get praise! Rosie, The Forge & Altamont Walled Garden Cafe

  • No problem Rosie. We had a wonderful few hours in the cafe and gardens and will certainly be back. We'll have to stop at The Forge next time 🙂


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