Review: Kai Cafe + Restaurant, Galway

September 4, 2015

Review: Kai Cafe + Restaurant, Galway


Kai Cafe + Restaurant
Galway City
It’s only happened twice before that I’ve walked around a city and thought “this could be my home.” The first, somewhat surprisingly, was while walking around Cork City a few years ago, to be fair this could have had more to do with the company, a new love can sometimes have that effect on a man but the city still retains a special place in my heart. The second time, somewhat unsurprisingly, was while walking around the streets of beautiful Florence. Everything about the city appealed to me and Ali and myself had actually planned on moving there until reality kicked in and stomped all over our romantic dream. Unexpectedly Galway had a similar effect on me. The narrow, pedestrianised streets instantly appealed while the seemingly liberal nature of the city re-enforced the point but it was of course the food that really swung it. The city has a great food scene and Kai plays a big part in it.

“Where good food lives,” never was a tagline more apt. Kai is a bright and airy cafe located on Sea Road in Galway’s city centre. Ali and I met our good friend Finn there for lunch on a bright August day. The large sky light along with the plethora of concrete give the impression of dining outside, a nice touch in a country where actually eating outside could become a nightmare very quickly. There are no printed menus, a good squint at the blackboard above the kitchen hatch is required to see what today’s produce has inspired Jessica Murphy to create. I went for the Connemarra wild smoked mackerel, green bean mimosa, steves greens, brown soda and mint with cucumber. It was magnificent. Everything on the plate was perfectly seasoned and complimented each other perfectly. The mackerel was warm and just smokey enough without overpowering everything else.

After the main, a trip to the dessert table is necessary. There you will find a great choice of homemade tarts and cakes, all triggering an insuppressible drool. I decided on the Pecan Pie. I’m often left disappointed by pecan pies. Too much caramel not enough nut is my usual complaint but I had no such problems here. It was delicious, the perfect pecan. We finished our lunch with an excellent coffee before heading into the city, happy and full.

Kai is one of the many food gems in Galway’s crown. It’s bright and airy with friendly staff and great food. You may be able to find cheaper options but I guarantee they won’t taste as good. 

Lunch Ratings:

Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Selection: 9/10
Value for Money: 8/10

Overall: 9/10 Highly Recommended

Kai Cafe + Restaurant
Sea Road,
Galway City.
091 526003

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