The Happy Pear, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

August 8, 2016

The Happy Pear, Greystones, Co. Wicklow


The Happy Pear

I’m on two weeks holidays at the moment. Two full weeks without the 3.30 am alarm, 8 hours of baking and at times, the difficult drive home, trying to stay awake. A good chunk of time to relax, unwind and chill out. Last Friday, Ali and I decided to go for a day out – a trip to Greystones for lunch at The Happy Pear, followed by a drive through the scenic but treacherous Wicklow roads to beautiful Glendalough. Thankfully the weather held up well. We arrived at The Happy Pear a little after noon thinking that we would avoid the lunchtime rush and although we did, it was still quite busy – surely a good sign.


I am a happy carnivore, a hardcore but ethical one, who’s as likely to be slow roasting lamb’s hearts as frying a steak. This trait should mean that I would have no interest in The Happy Pear but it’s a cafe I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. I can’t help but admire what founders David and Stephen Flynn have done for the Irish vegetarian/vegan food scene. They were one of the first cafés in Ireland to promote not only healthy eating, but healthy living in general and a trip to their Instagram page will give you a colourful, vibrant glimpse into how they lead from the front and fully believe in what they do. I was enthusiastic on the drive up – it’s not too often I get excited over vegetarian fare. Luckily, we secured parking right outside and promptly queued to place our order. The place is buzzing, there are people everywhere. The serving area is small but the staff have everything under control – customers and staff alike have a calm and happy disposition, it’s a nice atmosphere and there is a real sense of community.


We both ordered the Vegetable Dahl, Ali chose brown rice with hers for an extra €1, I went for a couscous salad at €1.50. Although there is plenty of seating upstairs, the sun was shining so we took advantage and ate our lunch outside. The Dahl was good: subtly spiced with lots of fresh, chunky vegetables, it’s a welcome break from my usual meat heavy meals. It did however, suffer from a lack of salt. The couscous, although light and tasty also suffered the same fate. It’s not too big a deal though and an it’s easy fix at the table. We also decided to indulge in a midday dessert. My Chocolate Brownie tasted good but was a little dry, Ali chose a Chocolate Mousse slice. The staff at The Happy Pear were friendly and helpful and our lunch was quite good value. I would definitely recommend getting there before lunch time, as by the time we were finished, the queue was out the door.

P.S. A walk along Greystones beach is a must afterwards!


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