BeaNice Cafe, Carlow Town, Co. Carlow

November 7, 2016

BeaNice Cafe, Carlow Town, Co. Carlow


BeaNice Cafe

It’s a cold Monday morning. It’s my day off but I decide to join Ali for the spin down to Carlow on the promise of a nice breakfast – the best way to get me to go anywhere. We drop Ali’s sets of Orff instruments from her Friday workshop off at Music Generation Carlow HQ and look for a cafe recommendation from Aideen – BeaNice – “it’s just down the road and the french toast is amazing” – sold!

Located on Dublin Street, BeaNice is a small, old-style cafe with a shop attached. It’s quite busy when we arrive, a great sign for a Monday morning. I know what I’m going to have before I even step foot inside the door – amazing french toast is quite the compliment, so I’m not going to let this opportunity pass. Ali decides on pancakes with homemade granola and we both order juice, tea and coffee.

BeaNice Carlow Heart Coffee

My flat white arrives first – in a glass tumbler – with a heart design on top. The lady explains that she didn’t mean to give me a heart but I know better than that. I love drinking coffee from a glass, it’s something that the Irish should do more often. Ali’s freshly squeezed orange juice does exactly what it says on the tin and my sparkling apple juice from The Apple Farm of Tipperary is the perfect accompaniment to my french toast which arrives next.

BeaNice Carlow French Toast

French toast, crispy bacon, maple syrup and sour cream. It’s delicious. The toast is light and fluffy while the bacon is salty, crispy and the perfect foil for the sweet syrup. The best part? The side of sour cream. I would never in a million years have put sour cream with french toast BUT it’s genius. Sweet, salty and sour with a little bitterness from the coffee – my day is made.

Highly Recommended


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  • I too would like to confirm all that has been said before. A nicer resteraunt you your have great difficulty finding. And about Betrice the best crack and a lovely friend. Regards Pat

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