VDC @ The Curragh Cafe, Co. Kildare

February 27, 2017

VDC @ The Curragh Cafe, Co. Kildare


VDC @ The Curragh Cafe

It’s a dark and miserable day in late December, that limbo period between Christmas and New Year. I usually spend this time piling on the pounds and drinking my body weight in wine. Occasionally I venture out and after a visit to my granddad in Kildare, Ali and I decide to stop off at VDC@The Curragh for a bite to eat.

We have visited VDC plenty of times before. When we lived in Kinneagh, it was our favourite spot for breakfast but we’ve never been for lunch before. We arrive to a busy café – it’s small and although the seating is tight, there is a lively and cosy atmosphere. We both go for the specials – Ali for the soup and sandwich (Shrimp and Avocado Open Sandwich) while I decide on the Paella.

Let’s get something out of the way – Jamie Oliver came in for a lot of criticism last year for claiming his paella was authentic – this too, is not an authentic paella but it’s bloody good! Aromatic, well seasoned and wholesome, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. The chicken is juicy and tender, the chorizo adds a beautiful smokey flavour and the combination of peas and artichoke give a nice hit of freshness to what can often be a stodgy dish.

The service is quick and efficient but I find the price to be a tad expensive – €29 for a soup and sandwich combo, paella and two sparkling waters.


VDC @ The Curragh Cafe
TRI Equestrian
The Curragh
Co. Kildare
086 468 2220


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