Newbridge Cottage Market

May 29, 2017

Newbridge Cottage Market


Newbridge Cottage Market

Town Hall, Saturday 3rd of June @ 10am

There have been many attempts to set up markets in Newbridge over the past few years. George’s St. was home to a weekly food market for just a couple of months after the Newbridge 200 festival in 2012 and, more recently, the Whitewater Shopping Centre attempted to get one off the ground on Friday mornings. Both fell away pretty quickly and the only markets we could look forward to were outside the shopping centre at Christmas time.

That is all set to change now with the announcement of a monthly Cottage Market in the newly refurbished Town Hall. Taking place on the first Saturday of each month, the market will house locally produced crafts and food offerings. If you bake crusty bread, whip up a mean cake or make delicious preserves and would like to get involved you can call Evonne on 087 9458038.

It’s great to see this happening in Newbridge, do try to support it.


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