Review: The Market Kitchen, Newbridge

June 29, 2018

Review: The Market Kitchen, Newbridge


Lunch at The Market Kitchen

“They are doing really great stuff over there,” David at The Wine Buff has been raving about The Market Kitchen for months. Located in Michael Murphy’s Home Furnishings shop, it is right in the eye line of my favourite wine shop.

It’s Monday and I’m just back from doing the shopping – an enjoyable but somewhat tiresome job, brought about by my own fussiness of course. Ali suggests a spot of lunch and I am not one to argue. “Where will we go?” I enquire, “Why don’t we try The Market Kitchen?” We had tried it once before, a rather forgetful Sunday lunch many months ago and I have had little inclination to return but David’s recommendation is ringing in my ears – surely a man with such fine taste in wine, couldn’t possibly have questionable taste in food?

Old Stomping Ground

We arrive just after one. It’s old stomping ground for me having worked in Micheal Murphy’s for seven years while in school, I also had a little stint in the café when it first opened under the guise of “The Good Food Café @ Michael Murphy’s” It’s on it’s second owner since them days and a complete refurb by the current occupiers has it looking like a fine Scandinavian lodge – if it weren’t for the massive windows that is. We sit and are quickly looked after. The menu reads well, you would want to be one tricky customer not to find something you’d like here. Ali decides the lasagna is in order while I go with the Goat’s Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Pizza.

Who needs a wood fire….?

The food arrives in a timely fashion and my pizza looks magnificent. A tidy pile of dressed rocket sits atop the middle of the pizza, surrounded by strips of marinated courgette. The pizza itself is wonderful. The sourdough base is perfectly cooked with little hints of charred edges. The toppings are well seasoned – so often a let down with pizza, while the rocket and particularly the courgette lift it a couple of notches above the norm. The Market Kitchen proves that you don’t need a wood-fired oven to make great pizza. We have also ordered sides of chips and salad. The salad is a nice mix of leaves topped with colourful pickles while the chips are, to my delight, well cooked and crispy (this is far rarer than you might imagine). Ali loves her Lasagna too and we are both too full to chance a slice of cake.

We leave happy and ramble out into the rain drenched streets of Newbridge, already plotting our return.

Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Value: 8/10

Highly Recommended

The Market Kitchen,
Michael Murphy Furniture Shop,
Edward Street,
Co. Kildare
087 710 5273

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